School Libraries: Ready to Lead AI Adoption

Powered by the School Library Systems Association of New York made possible in part through the Allison-Rosen Foundation.

“This initiative comes at a pivotal moment for New York State’s school librarians, emphasizing the crucial role they play in preparing students for the future.”
Dr. Jen Cannell
SLSA President
Opening slide from professional learning

Innovate, Integrate, Lead: School Librarians at the Forefront of the AI Revolution

View a recording of our first professional learning event held on January 17, 2024. Includes a keynote and hands-on session from Dr. Christopher Harris as well as presentations from Common Sense Media and school library leaders from across New York. Resources from the hands-on session [Google Doc | PDF] are available for turnkey use under a CC-BY-NC license as is the Keynote slide deck.

Project Goals

Curriculum Framework

Create a scope and sequence that integrates AI, media literacy, and information fluency into a cohesive learning experience.

Collaborative Unit Design

Working with experts from across the state, we will develop a 2-3 lesson unit on AI for every grade level Pre-K through 12.

Professional Learning

SLSA will engage school librarians, teachers, and administrators in New York through a variety of AI professional learning options.

Hosted by Genesee Valley BOCES SLS